What are people's experiences with Blip vs. YouTube? Is Blip ultimately a better platform for professional content creators? YouTube has more eyeballs, but they also seem limited in who they partner with and invite to share revenue (with a skew toward 12-18 demographic), whereas Blip takes anyone with a real, serialized product, it seems?

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They have it as http://showname.blip.tv/rss/itunes.  I don't go straight from Blip to iTunes any more though. When I asked 2 weeks ago why iTunes wasn't linking directly to my site, Blip said I should go through Feedburner so Blip actually set it all up to pass from Blip through Feedburner to iTunes. 


After concluding this change has to come from their end, I emailed them again. They usually reply by email within 24 hours but it's been about 30 and I think they're ignoring my request to fix this issue, leaving me stranded.  I know they don't have a policy forcing people to link their iTunes to Blip b/c I've seen too many examples, like you, who link to their own sites.  So I can't figure this out! Any idea where to turn? 

I would resubmit to them - honestly - their support dudes don't close trouble tickets the way they should - they think answering you ends it - not fixes it... DUH.

Resubmit and let me know... I have other contacts.
Ha!  Yes - you are so right - that's been my experience with them!   OK, thanks so much for your insight.  I'll keep you posted.
blip continues to mystify me.  I got an invitation about 6 weeks ago to realign my profile because they're reconfigurating their entire site.  The new design looks pretty good, like a Vimeo Channel.  Sounded great and I took them up on the offer.  I guess they're still working on the reconfig part, cause it doesn't appear any different.  I read they moved their offices (or office) so I assumed they're expanding and doing an overhaul.  They're at one time kind'a hands on and others kind'a not really there at all.  If they're coming up with a new design for their site, it's taking a long time and they're not updating people on their progress nor a due date.  I still find blip.tv slow, far slower than youtube or vimeo.  Youtube annoys the hell out of me now, it's finished as far as I'm concerned.  Yeah, they get the numbers but try to search for something and you get videos you weren't even looking for because someone is paying something to get them in front of your eyeballs.  Vimeo is pretty good, love the lay and design but there's a disconnect there as well.  Far better than youtube and drawing a more disciplined crowd of videists (such a word?) ... blip lags behind but the potential is there.

I'm a big supporter of Blip.tv'smodel, we're content creators  (those of us on this site ) and simply we have to find a way to monetize our series.  They are perhaps one of the most simplest sites for a producer to begin doing such.


Yes, Blip.tv is a small company, while they are slow at implementing their changes, they are none the less doing so.  YouTube's current model does not support "original" content producers. If you spend $x.xx to produce your show and make zero dollars on 20,000 views, wow... that equals a major financial dissapppointment.


We can not ignore how YouTube can help us grow our series, but they have to become more friendly to the original content creators.




Good points made, Chad.  Youtube is just overwhelming now.  I'm also looking forward to the new look blip.tv

You can also find other sites to monetize but the prerolls are going to earn the same amount of money so I wouldn't count on that to pay you back.

My suggestion is to be sure to have your videos on Youtube tagged, and have links to YOUR site in the description along with even annotating with hot links to come join your email list or see more material on your site (even if it's on YouTube)....

Get them to your site, if they like you - they will like your FB page etc...and you can even have a store on the site with items they can buy on demand using Zazzle etc... either way you want to capture them for future episodes and maybe while on your site you can monetize them by them watching your series again or in full... 

Start thinking about the tools that are on the site. I get 38% of viewers finding my content through search on YouTube... imagine that????

So if you're using blip tv's distribution can you still have a youtube channel? How exactly does it work?
Yes you can distribute your videos through Blip.TV to Youtube and other sites including your blog.
Thanks, I think I'll sign up!

I love Blip for this sole reason - One click and your video is pushed out to a crap load of sites... It's a great tool to help spread your videos and definitely one to have in your arsenal.


Plus Itunes distribution made EASY!.

They haven't made the itunes distribution easy for me, Ryan!  They've got the feed set up so that iTunes links the "Website" link to Blip instead of to my site.  I don't see how I can edit the link in Feedburner b/c they wrote it at Blip and it's just passing through my Feedburner.  Blip is ignoring requests for help to fix this.


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