Shouldn't this exist?

It seems like almost all the awards shows/festivals, anything like that for webseries take place in LA. Sure, there are plenty of actors and producers living there, but surely one of the primary things to sets webseries apart from Hollywood is that it CAN'T be pegged down to one location because it's a world-wide phenomenon?

Or maybe I'm just crazy :)

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Web series award shows does nothing to foster the web series space. Research Streamys/IAWTV/Felicia Day awards. Look beyond the surface and let me know what you see.

Haha, the Felicia Day Awards, I love it :P

You are completely right.  Unlike traditional media (TV and Movies) most of the web series are not created in LA.  A cool format would be if the award show moved around from city to city every year.  The city chosen could be random, or the nearest city to the previous years, "Best Web Series" winner.  Though, if you did the previous winner that could affect voting.  People might think, "That show is awesome, but do I really want to go to Pittsburgh next year."

I like your ambition, Joey. Are you attending the LAWEBFEST in April? Not sure I've asked.

No I am not.  I am using all my time off work this year to film my new web series.



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