Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and see what you thought of my web series "Dealership"

It's not your average car dealership, that's for sure. At Barkley Auto we deal with anything from being cursed by a gypsy to fighting the flu John Carpenter style.

Here is a link to episode 2 "Cursed":


And to our website:


Let me know what you think :)

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Pretty funny stuff. There were a few rough parts here and there (occasional jump cut, something blurred out in the background that's distracting, etc.).

Part of me kind of wished you had done the video in a 70's style with color pallet and grain like you have on the website.

Hello Shawn,

Oddly enough I stumbled across your interview on iMediaConnection a few days ago before I discovered WSN. For the quality of your show its beyond amazing that your spending less than 5 bills per episode.

I would say you just have the problem of getting people to discover your existence. You have a good flow, good length, good characters, great production. Its the kind of magic that only happens when you finally find the right people to create with. I hope to be so lucky in the future.

Sincerely best wishes for you when shooting in Los Angeles. Its a tough city but if you make it here you can make it anywhere really. At least that's the theory right? :)

That episode was awesome. "We're trying not to kiss each other!" Very well done. Just subscribed and will be catching up when I get a chance.


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