Surprised no one is talking about this on here. What does everyone think about the nominations? Seems like bullshit to me. Half the nominees were somehow Guild related. 

What's up with the caste system in the web series world?

Maybe I'm wrong about all this - - would love to hear all of your opinions.

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Here's what I make of this award show.


K... here was my original post again, or a close facsimile thereof.


lol... I hear that... but don't hold it against the award show themselves too much.  They are struggling to get content, attendees, funding, awareness etc too.   Just like this website, we need them to help build the infrastructure which will start making big business regard us as an industry to support.   It's how we'll get financing, credibility and exposure.

It's a hard lesson though but one we all know well.  If you have money, ambitions and are on the "shady" side of the moral compass, one can take advantage of a democratic system.  

If you have 10 friends and get them in as voters.  You vote NO on everything but your own, EVERYTHING.  Bank on the larger majority of  everyone else to vote properly and honourably.   I voted for who I would want to lose too if I got a nom in my category (I couldn't pay for all categories).  SO,  10 people, of the "shady moral compass" kind already voted against my submission... BUT... I may have voted YES on theirs because it had merit.  So, "Divine: The Series" 1 YEs 10 No.  Them 11 Yes.  It slants the odds in your favour.  

Get on commitees if you can.  It's the best way to make an impact and changing the system is up to us because there is no system set in stone yet.  It's being developed as we speak with Hollywood and TV as the model... ~shivers~

May I suggest you all email the IAWTV today and thank them for helping support our medium and request a full submission list, with webaddresses on their site.  If it is too cost impactful to them for a new page on the site ask them to make it a pdf download this year.  Then, next year, suggest they make it part of the submisison fee for next time.

Ramble ramble.  Long story short, it's our medium.  We're pinoeering it.  Get involved and pull the good out of the bad... it's up to us to help improve where it's needed.

I'm following but still think our industry isn't ready for a legitimate awards show. What are they basing these nominations on other than publicity? These folks don't even watch web series. We have a good 5 years to go for something more legit. In the meantime, keep at your work and continue to network with other content creators.

Just curious, what web series do you think should have been nominated or is getting over looked by award shows?  

@Aaron Garcia   There was some real genius in story, in methods of overcoming the budget issues we all have, some great directing and camera work, acting, production design.  Some stuff which I think would have been deserving despite a product that wasn't as polished as some others were.  I contacted IAWTV asking for the list of submissions because, like a rookie, I didn't write down the names and addresses of the ones that really impressed.  If I can get my hands on the list I'll update my thoughts for you and why I voted for them.

There was a mexican one... El Porvenire or something close to that.  I want to get in touch with them and will eventually.  Kudos are in order if they held up that level of cool for the series.  Great lighting, mood, and i was reading subtitles.

Continum or Compendium, Sci-fi in the traditional sense.  Aside from an actress I was nerd spazzing on,  had a brilliant solution to budget, taking place in 1 room.  They really knocked it out of the park.    I was really impressed.   I think they're going for a traditional TV or Film pick up and they deserve it.  It was a great intro to their galaxy.

Confessional: Keifer Sutherlands series had some really great production value and wonderful production design.  I was praying it would be in there; though I didn't think it the best or most engaging in story and everything else, it had a bankable star and would have brought webseries as a whole, some great attention.  Not to mention some mainstream media coverage of the event itself.  They've been picked up so I hope they will still bring some more cred to us.

There was an animated one about youtube owning everything that was beautiful and a great story idea.  I would love to see them continue and how they could keep that level of awesome up.

Animation was one of those categories that I felt for.  Some had "bad" animation but great story and everything else, and therefore wouldn't get a nod though I felt them deserving.  There were some simple stick figure animations that had stories that were hilarous for comedy.  

Comedy was a tough category, but there were some gems.  I wish I had written it all down as I did the voting.

What were the ones you liked?  I would really like to contact some of these folks and congratulate them on good work!

Yeah, I've seen the trailer for El Porvenire and it looks amazing.  I haven't watched an episode yet.   Continuum also had an amazing trailer.  I saw the first episode and liked it.   Really well thought out with it's effects.  The one I have to admit I liked this year, even though I'm not a dungeon and dragons guy, I liked Night of the Zombie King.  That's up for a few nominations.  I thought from the title it was some zombie slasher series, but when I saw it, it was about a group of friends playing dungeons and dragons.  At first I thought it was the nerdiest thing I had ever seen but after a while I find it very endearing.  The acting was solid and I actually cared for some of the characters.  It never goes into any fantasy realm.  Its just a character story which was kind of refreshing from what's out there.  

Problem is the noms were only culled from a self suggested list.  It doesn't take into account everything that deserved to be nominated.

To me nominations should  have been made from every member suggesting 10 titles and then the top 5 from counting them up makes the nomination list.  

But this was a self selected list - they could have just announced the winners directly rather than do nominations.

If it had been a free choice list for nominations I'd imagine something like Blood and Bone China would have had to make it for 2011 - just an amazing series made with no budget but you can't tell that.  It didn't limit itself to 2-4 actors in 1 room.

I think the ones that are getting nominated are either the very popular ones or the ones that hired a PR firm for their project.  I know that helps for features and short films in getting accepting into prestigious festivals.  I'm sure the same thing applies here.  I was just curious on the web series that people think are getting overlooked by these award shows.  I think the Web Series Network should put a top 10 favorites of the year list up or something.  Let it's own presence be known to what some of the best web series are from 2011.

What are everyone's thoughts on the academy in general?

The academy, to me, seems like web series producers are trying to make people view them as legitimate, as opposed to showing people that we are legitimate.  Kind of like a child wearing his fathers uniform.  I was originally excited for the IAWTV, because I thought it would shed light on some web series I have yet to hear about.  I have heard about almost every series nominated.  Which seems logical at first, if they are nominated, then they must be good, and if they are good chances are I would have heard of them.  But, you have to remember the web is such a HUGE place and I occupy a very small portion of it in my daily internet activity.

I'm becoming a fan of yours Joey. You write the truth. :)


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