So I have already reviewed No Clean Break but have not come across any other martial arts action series.

If you have any recommendations for a martial arts genre web series or failingnthat an action series featuring great fight scenes please post below as I am looking to review something good in this genre in next couple of weeks.


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Good evening. My name is Chuck Johnson, and I am producing a martial arts Web Series called "How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist". As I am always looking for ways to improve the show, I would be happy to have you review it if you are interested. Here is the link to episode 1: 

Episode 2 is also already up on my youtube page (C2thaJ) if you care to check that out as well. Hope to hear from you soon! 

Chuck Johnson

Hi Chuck.

I watched both eps.  Thought it was well done and very well explained.

My advice for future episodes is I think you can afford to shorten. I think ep 1 ran at just under 5 mins. I think you could have been about a minute shorter without losing anything in the explanation other than some repetition.

Love the use of the "ordinary dude" as the assistant.

Yes, we could well include this on our fight week reviews special. We have martial arts hall of famer Zara Phythian as a guest reviewer that week so should be interesting. Episode is livestreaming Feb 8th 12pm Pacific on our Youtube channel.

Thank you for all you're doing for the community. Appreciate it, man. :)

Hi Elisar, 

Thank you much for the advice. Yeah, episode 1 was a bit long, but since it was the first one, and I really wanted to set the tone for the show, so  I was cool with that. Will most definitely try to keep them short and sweet from this point on however. Thats awesome that you are going to be giving the show a review!  Ill be interested in hearing what Zara has to say about it! lol. 

I will most definitely check it out, and spread the word about the show through Facebook, twitter, etc. Thanks again, and look forward to speaking to you soon! 


Elisar, contact Charles on here: - He has a martial arts-focused series.

The Danger Element is a good web miniseries with good action and martial arts fighting scenes as well as decent production value.

The Danger Element.


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