Multiple sites - When your webisodes are on various sites, how to know which site to send viewers to?

My webisodes are now airing on various different sites that show web series - including youtube and and MingleMediaTV and StayTunedTV and others. If I send out info, how do I know which site is the best to send them to?


Thanks, Marilyn

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I'm not sure how to make my own threads yet, but if you wanted to take it up and devise one, I'd definitely contribute to the discussion!

Decent webhosts: Dreamhost get a fair amount of recommendations, although also a few complaints. Nearly Free also get a lot of recommendations particularly from more techie types - but I don't believe you have to be that techie to use them. I'd probably lean toward them in the first instance.


(Personally I use Bytemark, but a) they're in the UK, and b) you have to be or know a competent Linux sysadmin to use their services. If those two points aren't dealbreakers, though, they are absolutely superb. Slicehost do a very similar service in the US - again, if you know a techie who can set you up, they get a LOT of recommendations. Not doable at all if you don't, though.)


Here's a quick thread on web hosts from Hacker News, who are probably the best source on the net for this sort of thing (their audience tends toward people running multi-million user webapps):


In your situation, I'd strongly recommend going with a Wordpress installation and spending some time picking an appropriate theme for it - you'll end up with something much easier to use, more powerful, and better looking to viewers than if you hand-code something in Dreamweaver. I've been hand-coding my sites as long as I've been doing this (13 years) but these days, I'd almost always default to a WP installation unless I had a very specific reason not to do so.


There are also a lot of people out there who will do Wordpress theme customisation very cheap, meaning you can get a really nice-looking, well-designed, SEO-friendly site for not too much cash.


As far as Facebook fans - that's very normal. In any form of reminder media, only a fraction of the people signed up will watch any given episode. Internet Marketing people would refer to this as your "conversion rate". There are lots of tips and tricks for pushing that up - google around the terms and you'll find a lot of stuff. Personally I'd recommend not using a Fan Page as your primary method for capturing fans - something like an email list would tend to have a higher conversion rate - but I know there are different opinions out there!


Hope that helps!

Hmm thank you for all this food for thought: I'll be digesting it awhile.  I also passed it along to our webmasters (i.e. two of the teen stars of eScape, our series!)


I'll report back, hopefully with a link to our new site!  Otherwise redirects to our YouTube channel.  

Please start a new thread on this question, Mike under 'social media' category as suggested by Bonni.


We don't this buried under this thread.

I said above to Bonni: I'm not sure how to make my own threads yet, but if you wanted to take it up and devise one, I'd definitely contribute to the discussion!

On the front page at bottom of the forum section, click on start a discussion. Add your headline, select the appropriate category (it this instance 'social media'), add a description and click publish.

As many have suggested, send traffic to your own series web-site as often as possible.  Producers should also invest just as much time, energy and perhaps money into their own web-site as they do their series.   Your fans, followers and or audience in general  will pick and choose how they interact with the social medium, you want your site to be the constant.






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