Please Critique/Evaluate the new webseries Reality on Demand

Our web series Reality on Demand just Launched. Reality On Demand is a web series that follows four strangers who playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game that puts them into their favorite TV shows and movies.

Episode 1: "Press Play"
In this first installment of the web series, we are introduced to four contestants as they playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game. However the game begins to experience "technical difficulties."

Episode 1 Written by Marx Hernandez Pyle & Julie Hernandez Seaton.
Directed by Marx Hernandez Pyle.

Please visit where we have the first episode along with a host of other information about the cast and crew and a few fun extras as well.

This new webseries is being brought to you by Alien Jungle Bug Productions, LLC.

Any feedback or comments would be wonderful. Thank you.

EDIT: We were able to remove the overlay ads.

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Just watched this. Not really digging the :30 second pre-roll ad (just too long), but its out of your control. Also, not digging ads popping up everywhere on the video and getting in the way. On a more positive note, I like the opening sci-fi themed credit sequence. Also, I preach GOOD AUDIO on dialogue-driven fares such as this, so your audio is on point and clear. Sci-fi/gaming isn't really my cup of tea, but you did a good job. Kudos. :)

Thank you for looking at our show. Unfortunately we have little control over the ads, and they seem intermittent at best. Have yet to have one pop up on my computer or phone.

Also thanks for your thoughts on the opening credits. I made those from my vacation photos.

Always. It seems Blip is focusing more on pushing advertising in people's faces instead of viewer experience. That's why Youtube is what it is and Blip is what it is. Keep the viewer first.

Please check out and review the latest episode of Reality On Demand. Any and all comments and constructive criticism is welcome.

Episode 2: "Where are we Now?"
Still acclimating to the game, our players find themselves stranded on a dirt road and thrust into danger.

Episode 2 Written by Marx Hernandez Pyle & Julie Hernandez Seaton.
Directed by Marx Hernandez Pyle.

Again please provide us feedback so we can keep improving.

Thank you.

Hi Thanks for reviewing our web series and for the detailed critique.  We just finished watching episode 2 and like your series.  We love the character interplay and humour especially the conversation in the van.  We liked how the girl with the hair brush just had to comb her hair while her friends encountered the "killers".    The zombie piece was interesting too. 


A couple of points....   Would be good if the part where the "killer" recognizes the girl with the hair brush if you cut to a couple of close ups. Right now we are at a wide angle for the whole scene so we sort of get lost with all the people standing.


Otherwise very entertaining and look forward to watching more. : )


Thank you checking out episode 2. I really wish we had gotten some close ups when filming that scene. Unfortunately technical issues and dangerous temperatures limited what could be filmed those days. After the wide shots were done people started getting sick and it was called a wrap. Then scheduling problems prevented us from getting pick up shots. That scene and a few others  I wish we had more coverage.

Totally understand... we had a couple of scenes where the location was booked but then someone made a complaint and we were given 30 min notice to pack our stuff and leave. So we had to do a very quick 2 takes of the scene just to get them filmed.   As an indie filmmaker, it is very difficult to coordinate so many things that we don't have control over, ie. weather, actor's health, unexpected events, producer's mood swings, technical issues, budget issues...

: ) 

Please let us know what you think of Episode 3.

Episode 3: "It's An Ambush!"
About to discover what show they are in, the players are separated and must fight for their lives with their new found allies.

Episode 3 Written by Marx Hernandez Pyle & Julie Hernandez Seaton.
Directed by Marx Hernandez Pyle.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our series.

Hahah... I like this episode.  So I'm beginning to understand the story more now.  I like that the characters are understanding their roles in the game and what show they are on and they're character's personalities (ie. Mr. Comic Relief).  

Good episode.    One quick point, it might be good to shorten the episodes to 5 minutes and under. The norm for web episode lengths to be under 5 minutes for the following reasons 1) easier to share to others who don't normally follow web series, 2) attention spans of viewers for online videos is about 4 minutes or less, 3) you can stretch your season with shorter episodes and have your viewer wanting to see the next one.

Looking forward to watching more ; )



Good point.

It is too late for us to shorten the episodes in season 1, but moving forward into season 2 (and hopefully beyond) I believe we are going to try to make the episodes shorter. I like the idea of having a longer season.

Episodes 4 and 5 are out. Feedback please.

I would especially like feed back on the visual effect at the end of episode 5. Thank you.

Final Episode of Season 1 is out.

Please give it look and review. Thank you.


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