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I've just joined the WSN, and am currently trying to promote my first web series, "Revenge of The Sock," the story of a sentient sock puppet bent on world domination, who goes through a bit of an existential crisis.  I would love any feedback anyone could and would give me.  Thus far, most comments have come from family and friends, who of course all say the show is wonderful, but these are the same people who told me my grade school macaroni art was wonderful, and I've seen that crap and it sucked.  So some unbiased feedback would be lovely.  All episodes can be viewed at, and I'm slowly uploading them all to my WSN profile.


Also, as I'm new to this web series game, I'm struggling to think of ways to promote the show.  Thanks to the production costs, I'm pretty broke, so I'm trying to find sponsors and/or methods of free advertising.  Anyone have any suggestions?


I'd also love to watch and give feedback for your shows.  There are so darn many though, I don't know where to begin.  So if anyone would care for my sock puppet-loving feedback, let me know.



Micah Delhauer

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Watched the first episode. Unique and entertaining. You should be targeting parents/kids with this project. I like the grumpy Sock character and good job with the audio/VO delivery and directing. Effective marketing isn't free and you don't seem to have money set aside for marketing/advertising. I would recommend joining the production and marketing partners group on WSN and see if you could partner with other members for cross-marketing initiatives. Overall, good work on this series. :)

Thanks for the advise, Rich.  I agree there's not much in way of free advertising--I'm currently trying to raise promotional funds, and will definitely check out the marketing partners group.


One question: our little friend The Sock commits are attempts to commit a murder in every episode (albeit in comical fashion) and uses the occasional obscenity.  Should I still be targeting kids and parents?

Hmmm... if the character is using obscenities and committing or attempting to commit murders then maybe not kids. Did you plan out this series long-term before launching... as in did you know your target audience? Who is your target audience? 

I have always felt that the show would appeal to people in their teens, twenties and thirties most specifically, though not exclusively.  There's nothing "adult only" about the show in my opinion--that is, I wouldn't consider it an R rated show--but there is enough adult material that I feel that trying to sell it as a kid's show would be inappropriate.


I guess I would compare it to something like "The Simpsons," a show that kids like watching, but that is made for an older audience.

You know your audience better than I do. At first glance (seeing the puppet) the first thing that came to mind are kids. I think you could get away with targeting both children and adults with this series if you tweak the dialog. I only watched the first episode... I'll watch the full season when I have more time and get back to you with more feedback. Is there specific feedback you want?

Anything that comes to mind as you watch it: technical, narrative, marketing, etc.  I'm just trying to gauge what works and what doesn't, where I succeeded and where I need to improve in the future, as right now my viewing audience is small and I'm not getting a lot of feedback at all.

Speaking in general terms (not at you, Micah), unless I'm being hired, I just don't have the time to watch the complete season and do full episode to episode analysis that could help the creator improve. If it interests you, I'm available for personal consulting to do full analysis of web series (concept to marketing and everything in between). Gotta be honest, I've only seen the first episode of your show and from what I saw I enjoyed it. The characters are intriguing and the dialog is sharp, witty and to the point. And like I said, to do full analysis and provide the required feedback, I would need to watch the full season.

Understandable.  I appreciate what you've given me.  Thanks.

Pleasure. Talk to your core audience. Ask them for feedback. How's your social media presence? 

re: How's your social media presence?


The show has a Facebook page and a Twitter page, neither of which have a great deal of followers.  We're trying to get a forum up on our website, but it's slow going.

It's not about having a Facebook.Twitter/Facebook page. Anyone can launch those pages. But you're not building your own fans, followers and subscribers. Pages don't build themselves and getting a forum going on WSN won't build your pages either. To build your Fan page you would need to take out paid Facebook advertising. You gotta advertise and invest in your own product, Micah. Tweeting and Facebooking won't do it. 

I completely agree with you.  As I said before, I'm currently trying to find businesses that are interested in sponsoring the show, so I can afford to advertise.


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