Dear everyone,


I've just joined the WSN, and am currently trying to promote my first web series, "Revenge of The Sock," the story of a sentient sock puppet bent on world domination, who goes through a bit of an existential crisis.  I would love any feedback anyone could and would give me.  Thus far, most comments have come from family and friends, who of course all say the show is wonderful, but these are the same people who told me my grade school macaroni art was wonderful, and I've seen that crap and it sucked.  So some unbiased feedback would be lovely.  All episodes can be viewed at, and I'm slowly uploading them all to my WSN profile.


Also, as I'm new to this web series game, I'm struggling to think of ways to promote the show.  Thanks to the production costs, I'm pretty broke, so I'm trying to find sponsors and/or methods of free advertising.  Anyone have any suggestions?


I'd also love to watch and give feedback for your shows.  There are so darn many though, I don't know where to begin.  So if anyone would care for my sock puppet-loving feedback, let me know.



Micah Delhauer

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I'd love to take a gander on you series to give you some feedback, but I'll have to wait a couple of weeks cause we're moving on Saturday : )  I'll comment as soon as I'm done with the episodes.

It reminded me of Stewie from Family Guy as a sock puppet. I like the overall tone and feeling of the show. Defiantly not for kids. I found the framing here and there a little off and some shots felt too tight. Part of that is probably due to the limitations of the character being a sock.

I think I would have rather you not have used real hands for the sock guy. Would rather have seen something sewn together of sock material and moved with wires or a rod (like with the muppets)

I like the title sequence.


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