Can you tell me how to go about getting a sponsor for a web-series? A friend and mine are planning on starting one. We are doing it for practice in our acting and generally for fun. We have to pilot episode written. Now we are just getting our locations down and our cast along with supplies. I would appreciate any advice you can give me on this as well.

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Hey Skyla, what's the purpose of the sponsor you're seeking? Money, space, props?
Mainly Props and Equipment
K. Now that's more conceivable. Not sure where you live, but a great start is to connect with other web series creators in your city and barter/swap services. You could offer to serve as a PA on their shoot in exchange for props and equipment for your shoot. I would approach from a collaboration perspective, not sponsorships.

Tell them what you're looking for and what they would require from you in return. You could start a group on WEB SERIES NETWORK for creators in your city and I'll help promote and build that group for you to tap into. That would be my suggestion Skyla.

Feel free to ask more questions. I'm here to help.
Okay i started the group, however i don't know if there is a lot of web series in my area. Thank you for your help.
Wow, you're in Alabama. You're right, probably not a high concentration of content creators there. Have you thought about just renting?
The closest area filming is Atlanta. I'm not sure where I could rent from or how much it would cost. Right now all of the budgeting is coming from our pockets.
Hi Skyla,

Great topic - I find that the initial costs setting of everything up is where you will spend the most money, getting equipment such as camera's, lighting, audio etc.

I was lucky in that the person I am working with on mine has his own camera, dolly tracks and tripod so this knocked off the cost significantly as so far we have only had to purchase a green screen, lights, sound mixer, boom mic and steady cam - we have been buying this 1 piece at a time basically every paycheck we get a new item slowly crossing things off our list of needed items - its a slow process but its worth the patience.

Perhaps you could get in contact with any local schools, many film students are more than happy to help out for experience and perhaps even might be able to contribute equipment as well - heck some of them might even love your concept and you could start pulling together a team of like minded individuals.

Just don't be afraid to cast that net out there, ask and tap into as many resources you can (film schools, friends, family, other web creators) the worst that could happen is they say no..
Running out of space. Most web series productions are self-funded so you're not alone in that regard. How close is ATL to you? May not be worth the drive and you'd probably be better off saving to buy your equipment outright.
I'm a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from Atlanta.
That's too far. You're better off putting money aside to buy your own production equipment. They're really not that expensive anymore.
Skyla - I'm so glad that you created a discussion for this topic. I'm actually going through the same problem. I'm currently looking for sponsorship and just cross promotion and mostly advertising to help spread the word about PL and their production company.

I agree with Rich, getting other directors or people in production in your neighborhood is a great way to a) market your series b) you'll be able to collaborate with other producers/directors that might be able to help you either get you funding or possibly help you in your production c) in the end, you'll also be able to gain more followers to your website but creating your own network in your hometown or neighborhood.
Hey Todd, she's not looking for financial sponsorships, equipment only. I recommend bartering but there's not a high concentration of content creators where she lives in Alabama. I think Skyla would be better off saving money and buying equipments outright.


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