Let's face it the one thing most people struggle with on youtube is getting more subscribers, and more importantly, getting them to watch your content. So here's a question for you youtubers out there. Why doesn't sub for sub work? I mean it seems like such a simple way up your viewership, does anyone have any thoughts?

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Good thread Kevin. Sub for sub among creators isn't effective because most creators don't watch other web series. The key is to get your core audience to subscribe to your channel. Most creators aren't your audience.

This is true.  There are Creators and Consumers.  Although I do watch other series  :  )

so then the question at hand is,  what is the most effective way to get subscribers then? And by subscribers i mean an actual core audience if you would

One way is engaging in the social media aspect of youtube.  Subbing to other creators is fine, but if you want sub for sub to translate into views you need to find people who are watching things similar to your show.  Not necessarily the creators of the similar video, but the fans who are watching it.   And by engage I mean have a conversation.  Actually look at their stuff, comment, and become a presence on youtube, not just someone who says, "watch my video!"  


As AfterTheBeast said what you need is to get to the audience of shows similar to yours not the creators of these shows. It's good to network in the industry and watch others shows to see what they come up with, but it has no correlation to your audience's size and subscriber number.Creators and consumers are two different groups that can overlap but it's not a rule.

Sub for sub doesn't work because you're (not you specifically 24kevin I mean in general  ;P) assuming that subscribers follow you to watch every video you post. Not true at all.

Think of subscriptions like choosing movies at a video store (r.i.p.) Just because you see the newly released video online doesn't mean you'll immediately watch it. But a part of you may still want to know its there just in case you change your mind.

I actually do watch other people who subscribe to me because I want to become a better storyteller. Through WSN I've found some very talented people and I know I have a lot of work to do.

Its interesting to see how you use the word subscribers. First find out who your audience actually is compared to who you want them to be because it may not be the same "people" you had in mind. I experienced this recently. You'll either have to change your videos to get the people who are missing OR change your marketing to bring in more of the people who are already there. But you can't do both if your videos don't appeal to both.


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