I'm in a good space creativity right now. Excited to release the 4th issue of WSN magazine tomorrow. Added 4 more pages... in all the magazine will have 52 pages total, that's more than double last issue.

Comedy website CollegeHumor, known for there hit web series 'Jake and Amir' expanding into feature films has got me thinking about launching WSN Films, which will serve as the feature film division of WSN, specializing in micro-budget feature fare (ridding my vocabulary of the term low-budget). Also on my vision board... WSN Studios, an actual physical studio complete with production stages, camera equipment, etc, that we'll use (for film and web content) and rent out to others when not in use.

Question for you: What are your creative plans/ideas outside of web series?

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Great post Rich! It's nice to see people who don't rest on their laurels and continue to push themselves. 


I have a ton on my plate as well to keep me stimulated creatively. As much as I love the web I also enjoy live theater so I am working on a one person show and also writing a musical that will hopefully see the light of day by the end of the year or early next year.


I am also toying with the idea of finally getting in the studio to record an album. I recorded a song for Consequences and had a ton of fun doing it and it has inspired me to actually dig into the catalog of songs I have written. 


On top of that, I am always developing television pilot's, teaching and performing improv and figuring out other ways to stimulate my brain. So I am sure the list will expand by the end of the year.

Ooooo, I'd love to hear a bit more about your musical ... sounds exciting! 

The plans for American Wasteland Entertainment, LLC. that my business partner and I have had from the get go, is to produce web based entertainment. This includes films that we would put into some festivals, but the overall goal would be to stream it online. We are working to build to this. We have 3 features already written. 2 others in the works.

Outside of all that, I have desired for a long time to get back into live theater and direct another play. Another goal I have is to produce some indie band albums.

I also enjoy fishing, lol.

Ah yes, fishing...  Ever been to the Provo River near Sundance? One of the best spots in America for fly fishing!

Good Post, Rich -


I look at this as an opportunity for exposure.  Anyone can access a web series and take a look at it from their desk, laptop or mobile device.  For my actors, they get agents, casting directors and other actors to see thier work.  As a writer/director/producer type, I get to expose my work.  With this in mind, it's even more important to really focus on the quality of the web series.

Thanks Michael. In complete agreement. I'm new to iPhone and able to watch projects people send me right away instead of logging to a computer. I like to call our industry Anywhere/Anywhere Entertainment. Love it! 

Sorry... anywhere/anytime entertainment, rather. :)

That'd be cool, Rich! I have been kinda slow on other things at the moment, but mainly I've been writing stuff as a Yahoo! contributor (http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1480457/cal_nguyen.html) in addition to triond and other sites (it's just in my nature to write! That's how I got my 4.0 GPA. lol). I'm about to be a camerman for someone else's web series, at least for a day or two, it's called Crashpad by Antonio Lexerot. I do regret not being able to audition myself much ever since working on Day Zero, but we are in break mode right now... however, our pilot episode "Lethal" won an award from a festival recently, so six of my cast/crew will be going to Cali to accept it!


Other than that, just been busy working at my fulltime job for the government. :)

Is the Yahoo gig a paying gig or pro bono Huffington-post style? :)

Hey Rich. Yes, it's a paying gig per article that you post. But it's very little, most of the time it's not upfront money (which is on average about $2.00 or so per article), but mostly performance over time, which is from my estimates, 1 cent for every 6 views. lol

Wow. That's low. You could make more if you commit to blogging on your own site. My billable rate is a buck a word... otherwise I'm keeping my writing on WSN. :)


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