Youtube Exploring Subscription Model? Will It Work? Will You Pay? Are You For or Against?


Word around the campfire is that Youtube could be exploring a subscription model to help the company diversify its current dependence on advertising. Hulu is found success with its subscription service called Hulu Plus. Also heard VEVO is also exploring a subscription model. 

Question for you: Could Youtube's subscription model work? Would you pay for premium service/content? What do you think about this? Are you for or against?

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If you're not a Youtube partner you're not getting paid period. I've always wondered what Blip pays their content-partners. Care to share?

It depends on what sort of ads you run.  They have the option of running pre-roll ads, pop up ads (small ads that pop up during the video) and post-roll ads.  If your video is over 15 minutes in length you can also opt for a mid-roll ad.  When I had pre-roll, pop up and post-roll going I would make roughly .45 for every hundred views, but I was getting lower views because people didn't want to sit through a minute long pre-roll to watch a 5 minute video.  So I turned off pre-roll and now only have pop up and post-roll and i make about .15 for every hundred views.  That also fluctuates depending on who views the video, we have a large number of viewers who live outside of the U.S. and Blip doesn't necessarily have an ad for them, so we don't get paid  for their view.

I believe their official stance though is 50% of the PROFIT that they get, goes to the creator.

I understand and that is the problem with YouTube.  YouTube only caters to the elite (Established studios or fortunate vlogger.)  Plus every piece of garbage, cat video and fart joke.


YouTube just does not have a program that caters and supports the start ups or people that have a vision of a show and want to go out on there own.  Adsense is a great program, they have very relevant ads, BUT Google's zero tolerance PLUS zero communication is not what the majority of web series producers need.   


Joey is correct, Blip pays 50 /50 and while you do have to wait until you've earned $25.00 to be paid that is much more friendly that the $100.00 bench mark from Google. 


And you get the feeling that Blip is run by real people not just an algorithm.  Yes, I know there are real people behind both Blip and Youtube, but just recently One of my videos was flagged by Youtube as violating a copyright, and that video could no longer be accepted for revenue sharing.  The reason being was music.  That is all I got, and every time I emailed them saying that I was had permission to use the music, or sent a copy of the contract I had with the musician, I got a form email back.  Finally I just took the video down and re-uploaded it.   I had a similiar issue with Blip a couple months ago, someone was reporting one of my videos saying it had copyright violations in it.  I recieved an email from someone who worked at Blip saying, 

"Your video, 'Harry King Ep1' was reported as having violated copyright law.  I have reviewed the video several times, and have not found any violations.  No further action will be taken by Blip at this time, and no further action is need on your behalf.  If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email."

It is the little things like this that make me want to pay for a service at Blip and not Youtube.

From a creators POV yes.  I prefer the tools on blip to the tools on Youtube.  They allow me to distribute to multiple places from one account.  All I have to do is link my blip account to my other accounts.  Then upload the video to blip and it automatically gets transferred to my other accounts.  Blip allows me to customize the look of the player, to how I want, so it always meshes well with my website.  My end goal is to drive traffic to my website, not to my youtube page.  So a blip player fits my needs better.  Right now I am only using youtube as a stepping stone to gain viewers for my website.  They see it on youtube, subscribe and start watching my videos regularly, then head to my website.  (I release videos 2 weeks earlier on my website than I do on youtube)

I hear you all on Blip payout. But realistically how much money does a content creator make? That's what I'd like to know.

Speaking for myself we're not making a lot, but we are still in the discovering stage.  Meaning that I am still investing in increasing my show's awareness.    I have spent hundreds of dollars with Google, money that I think has been well spent, but in turn I have made zero from YouTube.   My intent is to have ad revenue make up a percentage of total revenue.  


Keep in mind that YouTube was a late adapter to running pre-rolls to select videos.  Its my understanding that compensation to content creators is relatively the same. The multiplier is the number of views.   This is my own expression... YouTube wants you to help them make money... Blip wants to help you make money. 

An excellent way to put it!  Blip does post instructional videos on how to help make your Blip page catchy and worth viewing.

It depends on the creator, how big of an audience they have, and how many views they get.  One of the largest web series creators uses Blip, Roosterteeth Productions.  I'm sure they do pretty well.  It was enough for them to have 6 full time employees, and higher voice actors to come and act on their show.  Then there is me, who is probably at the bottom of the rung, and I have only made 500 dollars in a year.  So it varies just like youtube.  Youtube has a lot more people putting stuff on their website, with out getting paid than there are people who get paid. 

Now on the flip side, youtube is a great way to grow your audience, because of its popularity.  Blip isn't as popular so you are not going to get as many people just stumbling across your video.

Since, I don't have exact figures to give you at the time I hope I answered your question well.  I have searched for 20 minutes trying to find some figures, but i don't think they get published.

Thanks Joey. :)

I have to say, I wrote that response before heading to work and was in a bit of a rush.  I am very embarrassed by the typo.  I should have used "hire" instead of "higher."

I should also ad to my reply, that Roosterteeth also had an online store that sold their show on DVD and t-shirts.  I'm sure that was a huge income for them, so they were not entirely dependent on Blip.

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