Actor Sam Witwer On Canceled 'Walking Dead' Web Series "It's Not Happening Because AMC Wanted To Save A Few Bucks"

Actor Sam Witwer talks to MTV about cable network AMC pulling the plug on the 'The Walking Dead' expansion web series, intended to tell a prequel story leading up the smash hit post-apocalyptic horror television series 'The Walking Dead,' now in its third season on AMC.


"It's not happening now. Why? Because AMC wanted to save a few bucks," said Witwer. "That is just one example of the kind of cool, awesome forethought, this guy [Walking Dead executive producer and director Frank Darabont] has put into this show, that is now absolutely written off. For me, it doesn't matter much because I'm busy doing 'Being Human.' We were going to schedule things around. I'm not lamenting the loss of a job, I'm lamenting the loss of an amazing idea. And there are dozens and dozens of amazing ideas just like that, which are now gone. And it's all because people wanted to save money."


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Comment by Jason W.Ellis on January 9, 2012 at 10:15am

If your a fan of this show, check out the original web series they made. It is a prequel to the series and very entertaining and very well done.

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