Lindsay Lohan Launches New Fashion Label


Lindsay Lohan tweeted Tuesday morning: "I need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone abour my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing."

And with that, LiLo lanched her own fashion line for fall 2010.

Of course 6126 is the name of the tabloid tart's successful legging line (doing well in Neiman Marcus at $68 to $120 a pop I hear), but now Lohan is expanding it into a full contemporary collection.

The new brand will be manufactured by the same L.A. firm - DNAM Apparel - that makes Ed Hardy and Joe Jeans. Prices are expected to average around $100 to $150 with leather jackets retailing for $300.

6126 is already in Neiman's, Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, so expect that presence to simply expand.

Lohan will promote her new line this month on an episode of the new Bravo docu-series Double Exposure, which follows photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani as well as stylist GK Reid as they set about doing album covers for David Bowie and Beyonce and glossy campaigns for Kate Winslet and - you guessed it - Lohan's new fashion label.

Lohan was roundly panned for taking to the runway in Paris during October's fashion week for the house of Ungaro. The actress was hired as artistic director and took a bow with the label's brand new designer Estrella Archs, who was brought in when South Floridian Esteban Cortazar quit the brand earlier in the summer rather than work with Lohan.

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