New Editorial Web Series Spotlights Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fight Team

Interestingly enough, web series isn't limited to just the episodic video format that we are all used to. In addition to video, there are many formats that content creators employ to reach their audience online, including the episodic editorial, audio and even photo driven webisodes.

As a huge MMA fan, I came across editor Maggie Hendrick's report on this interesting editorial web series, which spotlights the Mixed Martial Arts fighting team 'Grudge.' According to Hendricks, senior writer Ben Fowlke's from the popular MMA site MMA Fighting had originally hoped to write a book out of his time with Grudge, but decided it would work better as an editorial web series. 

Here's the link to Hendrick's original Cagewriter article:

And of course.

The link to the first installment of the Grudge web series:

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Comment by Rich Mbariket on March 13, 2012 at 11:13pm
I suggest this all the time. Scripted is only one of [several] formats. The problem is a lot of creators don't wanna leave their comfort zone. Now is the time to experiment and find your footing.
Comment by AfterTheBeast on March 13, 2012 at 9:38pm

You'd think more series creators would do "reality" based (editorial,documentary) series because they lend themselves to smaller budgets. (No actors, don't have to build sets, etc.)  They are out there (i.e. InlandSea) but there's a lot of untapped material for web series out there.  Travelogues for European backpacking for example.

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