Problems with uninstalling the Blade & Soul

1. Open "Run" (windows-button + R) type in regedit, use the search function type in "NCWest\" now delete "NCupdater module" registry entry
2. Restart your PC and reinstall


1) Apply your Alpha / Beta code under
2) Install the latest nVidia // AMD drivers for you graphic cards
3) Check if the clock in your computer is set right. Sometimes Windows Update doesn´t work, due to that. Also other programs need the right time to work properly.
4) Install Windows Updates
5) Download http://launcher.patc...uncherSetup.exe , change the compability of "NC-LauncherSetup.exe" under "properties" to Win7 // 8 // XP (Service Pack 3), install it as admin and keep it with Blade & Soul Gold, in order to repair your client, if needed. -- To repair your client, you have to execute the "NC-LauncherSetup.exe" again, once you´ve installed the game successfully.
6) Restart your PC/Notebook and start-up your client before trying any of the now mentioned steps

General Steps:

1. Restart your Computer
2. Change the compability of the client "Blade & Soul CBT" under "properties" to Win7 // 8 // XP (Service Pack 3) and/or "run it as admin" by right-clicking on the icon "Blade & Soul CBT"
3. Deinstall your anti-virus or any third party program that interacts with or restricts your network (Third party firewalls, Norton Antivirus, iobits malware fighter, Zemana AntiLogger ...) Possible alternatives: Avira AntiVir Free, Bitdefender,...
4.Check your Firewall. Sometimes when prompted to connect - users accidentally block the connection attempt. Check the firewall rules and logs to make sure you are not blocking a connection attempt.
5. Open "Run" (windows button+R) type in msconfig and go to the tab "Services". Click onto "Manufacturer" to sort them and disable/uncheck all non-microsoft services - temporary (including your antivirus software). Don´t forget to reactivate your services, if it worked.
6. Run your computer in safemode and see if you can install/run Blade & Soul
7. Try running the Launcher from a second PC/Notebook of the same network (to rule out general network issues, as opposed to network issues on a specific PC
8. If you live on a campus or anything alike, it´s possible that their router//server blocks your connections attempts.
8. Repair your client via "NC-LauncherSetup.exe", which you got with your Alpha-Invite or download it at the top of my thread
9. Use the built-in Event Viewer // Manager of Windows to identify the cause of errors:
10. Instead of MV C++ 2005 try Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 - Further explaination under A requirement for Blade Soul gold Instalation failed.
11. (If you´ve already installed your client!) Delete the "GameGuard" folder under C:\Programs (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin
-->Restart "Blade & Soul CBT" - the client - so that GameGuard will be reinstalled don´t forget to restart your PC
12. Try creating a new user on your PC/Notebook, sometimes it´s due to the username+settings that the client encounters errors. It will also reset all settings that might cause problems. (Solves 80% of all problems)

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