Producers Ending 'Anyone But Me' After Hulu Deal, 11 Million Views & Three Seasons

A combination of 11 million worldwide views, three seasons, engaged fans and a deal with Hulu wasn't enough to attract sponsorships to keep the series going.

Today, Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, the executive producers behind the popular web series 'Anyone But Me,' a drama about young people struggling with identity and modern relationships announced that they are bringing the series to end with one last episode planned for early 2012.


"After three seasons with 11 million views worldwide and the WGA Award for Outstanding Original New Media, as well as many other awards, we're bringing the series to an end," writes Miller and Ward in a statement to their fans.  "We want to give 'Anyone But Me' the send off it deserves by producing a special series finale."


The producers said they are reaching out to fans for monetary support to help make the last episode. What are your thoughts on ABM? Comment!

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